Short-Term Assessment of Risk and Treatability (START)



The START is a 1-page structured professional judgment instrument that guides the comprehensive assessment of short-term risk for 7 adverse outcomes: violence to others, suicide, self-harm, victimization, substance abuse, unauthorized absences/breach of conditions, and self-neglect. START includes 20 dynamic risk and protective factors, as well as therapeutic levers and ‘red flag’ issues to be monitored and targeted through risk management and treatment. Research demonstrates that START has good reliability, validity, and user satisfaction. The manual has been translated into 9 languages and is being used all over the world. 

START has been identified as a best practice for the assessment and management of violence and related risks, a promising practice for the assessment of inpatient aggression, and a leading practice in mental health services.

Manuals & Materials

The manual for the START can be ordered here

The START:AV user guide is available for order here. A START:AV knowledge guide which provides a summary of the research supporting the items is available here.

Training & Implementation

Dr. Desmarais provides in-person and virtual training and consultation on the use, implementation, and evaluation of START in practice.  To learn more, please contact Dr. Desmarais.   

Self-paced introductory training in the START and the START:AV are available through ConCEpt Professional Training.